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A Chocolate Bar That Allows you to Burn Fat?

Over 60% of North Americans are overweight.
Carrying excess weight can lead to diabetes, heart disease, stroke and osteoarthritis.  Power bars, supplement bars, energy bars and workout bars supply calories for energy.  However these bars are not specifically designed to help you burn stored body fat... in fact, if you are simply looking for energy you would be far better off to eat a banana and it
would be far less on your wallet!

Typical energy bars can cost from $2.00 to $4.00.  The Access bars cost less than $2.00 and is the only performance bar with its unique food combination which allows you to burn more fat and the best part is that it tastes great!  At a recent seminar given by the professor who invented the bar, Dr Wang, someone asked him how to talk to someone about the Access Bar. His response was "Have you ever heard of a chocolate bar that allows your body to burn fat?"  
Simple as that!
Our Bar contains fewer calories than the sports bars
in the marketplace and has patented science behind it! 
It has been granted 11 patents in the U.S., Canada and several other countries. The technology has also been awarded several awards and the patent numbers are 451923740 & 532963463.

You see... you don't need more calories... most of us have enough on board in our bodies in fat! 
Here is how the Access Bar compares to other bars in the marketplace...
Access Bar      130 calories
Power Bar        240 calories
Cliff Bar            250 calories


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How Can A Chocolate Bar Work?

In simple terms the Access Bar is proven to help you:-

  • burn fat,
  • boost energy levels,
  • minimize fatigue,
  • reduce lactic acid buildup and
  • increase muscle fiber recruitment. 

Developed by Dr. Larry Wang of the University of Alberta, after 18 years of research. He developed the Access Bar and the unique blend of food ingredients allows your body to convert fat into energy by decreasing the impact of adenosine that naturally occurs anytime you do any type of activity.  

The effects of adenosine are totally counter-productive to sustaining on-going physical activity.  Adenosine essentially shuts down your body's ability to keep going and exercise effectively.  Adenosine throws a wrench in the process of converting stored fat to fatty acids by:

  •    inhibiting the nerve impulses involved,
  •   inhibiting the activity of the enzyme required for fat deployment
  •   inhibiting the nerve impulses required to stimulate muscle contraction
  •   inhibiting the full utilization of glucose.  

So basically the Access technology minimizes the impact of Adenosine on your body and allows you to "access" the fuel that makes your muscles work better, and you'll naturally burn more fat and get much more out of your efforts!  

You don't need to be an athlete to benefit...with any type of activity you will see results!

With the addition of clinically proven and patented CLA, Access® technology also delivers increased fat-loss and body toning benefits*.

This proven technology from CLA can help you:

  •     Reduce body fat by up to 10%
  •     Improve muscle tone and build lean muscle
  •     Keep fat off and prevent weight regain

For optimal results, consume one serving of Access® 15 minutes before exercising on an empty stomach meaning that you have not eaten for 2 - 3 hours. Avoid any beverages that contain sugar prior... meaning you can have water, black coffee or tea.  

Access® also delivers impressive fat-loss and body toning benefits by leveraging the power of CLA.
Access® contains the purest form of CLA available. Naturally sourced from safflower, this highly purified CLA is patented and clinically proven.

Reduced body fat, improved muscle tome and weight regain prevention are all possible because of the way CLA alters the body's interaction with fat. By helping the body burn fat more efficiently CLA helps increase fat metabolism, limit fat deposits, reduce the size of fat cells and build lean muscle. Because muscle helps burn fat, the longer you use Access®, the more fat loss and body toning benefits you will see.

This remarkable technology is backed by extensive scientific research, including 18 independent clinical studies and more than 75 published articles. The CLA found in Access® has over 40 patents or pending patents across the globe.

An impressive research finding is the fact that the CLA in Access® works on people of all shapes and activity levels, whether they are normal weight, overweight or obese.

*In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, CLA users showed a significant reduction in weight, BMI, and body fat mass versus placebo. CLA users also significantly increased lean body mass.  Gaullier, et al., CLA Reduces Body Fat Mass and Is Well Tolerated, The Journal of Nutrition, 2005.
When 3 grams of pure CLA are consumed daily for several weeks.

Access® contains 1.5 grams of pure CLA per serving.

U.S. Patent Nos. 6,034,132 and 6,060,514

Dr Wang Answers Some Questions

For more detailed information on the Access Bar you can view a FREE  comprehensive PDF document by Dr. Wang by signing up here


 This question and answer was submitted to Dr. Larry Wang, the inventor of our Access Bar by Kathy a Director who has a keen interest in sports nutrition.  Kathy was a competitive springboard and platform diver for 10 years being a member of the Canadian National Diving Team from 1981 until 1986 when she retired due to two shoulder surgeries. Major accomplishments for Kathy included multiple Canadian National Championships, Canadian Olympic Team Member in 1984 (Los Angeles). The highlight for Kathy's athletic career came in 1986 when she was a two time Commonwealth Bronze Medallist (10 Metre Platform in 1982, 3-metre Springboard) in which Princess Diana presented her medals!  Kathy's questions and Dr. Wang's answers will be a benefit to all of our customers in more knowledge about our patented Access Bar and the many benefits
of using this product.

1.  Does one need to take the entire bar to have effect?  And if not, is there a certain amount of the bar that must be eaten to activate the necessary processes to provide some effect i.e. does eating half the bar give you half the "window" of sustained energy from free fatty acids?

The concept is to achieve a "threshold" level of fat releaser in the tissue and blood.  For body weight of 100 - 230 lbs, one bar is required.  For small children, 1/2 to 3/4 of a bar could be sufficient.  Eating just 1/2 of a bar (the first bar) is not sufficient but once you already have had the first bar, you can repeat it (after 2-3 hours depending on level of exertion) with 1/3, 1/2 bars every 30-40 min to sustain the fat-burning activities.

2.  I have been instructed to drink lots of water with the bar - is this correct?  Does the water enhance, promote the effect?  

This is incorrect.  You can drink as much or as little amount of water as you see fit. Drinking water helps the ingestion of the bar and speeds up the absorption a bit.  The effect of the Access bar is not affected by the amount of water you drink with the bar.

3.  I know a lot of marathoners that would benefit from a gel-pack like mixture of the bar - I understand that some people have microwaved and blended the bar with water to create such a mixture - do you have a suggested "recipe" for making a gel?  Also, does melting the bar by microwave or conventional stove heating cause any chemical change to the bars formula that would impact the performance of the bar?  

Brief heating in the microwave or hot water will NOT change the functionality of the bar.  You can dry-blend the bar and then knead it into small balls for ease of carry and consumption during the marathon.  Many indeed do this.

4.  Do you have any suggested protocol for marathoners/distance bikers for taking the bar?  

On empty stomach, 15 min prior to the start of the race or practice run, take the first Access bar.  Repeat it after about 2 hours (Access bar in ball shape) at a rate of about 1/2 bar every 45-60 min.  Drink the New Sports Sustain is OK during the run (but not at the beginning).  I have had ultra-marathon runners using this protocol for exercising over 24 hours.

5.  How young a child can eat the bar and what amount?   

The current record is 22 months.  For size under 40 lbs, 1/2 bar is OK.  Add 1/4 for the next 30 lbs.  For 100 lb or more, one full bar.

6.  Would there be any substances found within the proprietary formula that would be found on the banned list of substances for amateur athletes (or could possibly be mistaken for such substance)?  I would like to promote the bar to my diving community and would like to ensure that drug testing would not be a concern in any way for the amateur athletes.  

There are NO banned or close to banned substances in the Access bar.  The bar has been successfully used by Olympic medallists and professional athletes without any problems.

7.  Would the effect of the bar be impacted if eaten longer than 15-20 minutes before beginning activity?

There may be an individual difference here that the rise in blood glucose level could be higher than desirable if one eats and then waits over 20 min before exercise or exertion.  In this case, the bar's effect could be minimized.  To eat and then do physical activity within 15 min after ingesting the bar would assure the rise in blood glucose not be excessive and therefore, deriving full benefit of the Access bar.

8.  Would the effect of the bar be impacted if something was to be eaten after it was taken on an empty stomach?   

If you have already done the physical activity before eating something else after the Access bar, this is fine since you have already harvested the benefit of the bar during your exercise.  If you take something else after the bar but before the exercise, then the effect of the Access bar will be minimized.

9.  What about if someone is Lactose intolerent?

I would suggest trying a small portion of the bar first to see how the reaction may be.  Because of the very small amount of lactose in our bar, persons typically intolerant to lactose can still take the bar.  If adverse reactions occur, then please don't use the bar.  So, give it a try and see what happens.

10. I have been asked a question regarding the fractionated palm kernel oil in the Access Bars.

To judge a fat whether it is good or bad is relative.  Too much of a good fat could be bad and vice versa.  Up till about over a year ago, we were using the industry standard at the time "hydrogenated palm kernel oil" as part of the coating for our bar.  Since the process of "hydrogenation" creates "trans-fatty acids" which are considered "bad" for our well-being, we have since stopped using the "hydrogenated oil" in our Access bar since Jan., 2004.  The oil now in the Access bar is a "fractionated" oil not "hydrogenated" oil.  There is no trans-fatty acids formed during fractionation.  The particular fraction we used (or supplied by the confectionery industry) has high melting point (i.e. will not melt in your hand) and thus more saturated fatty acids.  

Although many people consider the ingestion of saturated fat is "bad" this is not totally true.  We need certain amount of saturated fat intake daily as recommended in any food guide throughout the world.  The key is not to ingest too much of the saturated fat.

11.  Would you please provide me with the necessary information regarding the concerns/safety of diabetics using the Access Bar - as I know this would be of great help for many of our team members.

The Access bars have been used by many health professionals to help control diabetes because the carbohydrates (simple, complicated and complex carbohydrates in the form of sugar, honey and rice flour and wheat starch) in the bar are formulated to have "timed-release" rather than all coming out at the same time to cause a peak rise in blood glucose.  Thus the glycemic index of our bar is much lower that the same amount of simple sugar alone.  

To be absolutely safe for a diabetic person to use the Access bar, I recommend that the person takes a morning reading of blood glucose first (overnight fasting, from finger pricks) and then eat perhaps 1/2 of an Access bar with water.  Twenty minutes after the bar, take a second blood sample and 20 min later, the third sample, and 20 min. later the fourth, and 20 min. later the fifth, and 20 min later the sixth sample.  The idea is to see whether taking 1/2 of an Access bar would cause undue rise in blood glucose in that person while performing routine morning activities.  If not, then the amount of ingestion can be increased to 2/3 or the whole bar the next day and then going through the same blood sampling routines.  If the results are still good. i.e. within the safety margin recommended by the person's physician, then the Access bar is safe for that person under the morning routines.  If the person is going to do some exercise after eating the Access bar, the blood glucose level will not be rising excessively based on user feedback and thus very safe.


12.  Someone asked me "how much fat is mobilized" as this gentleman was concerned that his already "thin" wife was not in need of using up fat.  I am interested what would be your response to this question?  

The Access bar helps one to use the stored fat to improve physical wellness and fitness.  If a net fat loss is a concern, the person can easily "eat back " the fat at meals to maintain the status quo.  The real advantage of using the Access bar is to put your stored fat at work for you so a superior fitness and wellness level can be achieved with much less pain and suffering.

13.  What about the sugars in the Access Bar?

The "sugars" in the Access bar are composed of simple sugar, complicated sugar and complex sugar (carbohydrates).  There are specifically formulated for slow release so that once ingested, the Access bar will keep the blood glucose level constant for 2-4 hours.

Blood sugar is essential for brain function as well as muscle function.  e.g. Teaching dance requires both brain and muscle coordination.  But the best part of the Access bar is to spare muscle glycogen because it encourages the use of body fat to fuel the dance.  The constant blood glucose level will help fat burning resulting in much less fatigue and much prolonged teaching activities.

I have had many aerobic class instructors using the Access bar and they invariably found that they could teach more classes than they had ever thought capable of.  If instructors use the Access bar, they should notice the difference in their stamina and mental fatigue during lessons.

In summary, the sugars we have in the Access bar are not the same as in a candy bar.  They are formulated based on a scientific patent to help with fat burning.

14.  I will be leaving for Mount Everest base camp in November and I was wondering if you have any recommendations for me about using the Access bar?

At high altitude, one's appetite is typically dulled but the requirement for energy is accelerated.  Past experience from other climbers using the Access bar shared with me that the bar works very well for them because when they can tap into their own fat reserves for the climb, even without eating lots of fresh foods, their energy level can be maintained.  So my suggestion would be to use the bar like you normally would, i.e. on an empty stomach (2-3 hours after the last meal) and eat it about 10-15 min prior to your climb or hike with water.  After about 30 min into the activity, you can drink Sustain if you so desire.  After about 1.5 hours or so or when you feel your energy level is getting low, repeat with a second Access bar.  You can drink sustain anytime after the second bar.  You can repeat the use of the Access bar and Sustain throughout your day and this is no problem. 

When you return to the base camp, try to eat a good protein meal with some fat and of course, carbohydrates.  You can afford to lose some "fat" during this tough excursion through the use of the Access bars but hopefully your energy level will be high to help you conquer the challenge.

The Access bar has also helped people suffering from the following conditions lead a healthier lifestyle:

    Multiple sclerosis

Quick recipe... I love to make an Accesscino (like Cappuccino?)... with 2 scoops of the Access Shake and mix with either hot water for a cocoa or hot black coffee for an Accesscino.

I also love to cut them up into little pieces, store in a sandwich bag and throw in my freezer.  At night when I am feeling the urge for a chocolate fix... I take them out and eat them one by one and savor the taste!  It is a healthy snack and with the addition of CLA allows your body to continue to burn fat!  It doesn't get any better than that!



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